domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010

Today, I drank a little with my cousins at my grandmother's house, then went for a ride with my cousin who was already starting to dismiss for if the city, so I passed in front wool house where he works, I went because it was the cousin was working at that time, after my cousin went out and started talking to my cousin when he started telling me things, I was scared as always, more drunk and make amends did not match very well in my head ... I walked down the street toward the home of Fran, but my intention was to look into his eyes and not saying anything bad just try to see what the friends had told me was true, he really did that. We've always been so correct on some things for society, and today I'm feeling so ashamed of something that not my doing. The name that for me is dirt, do what he did in a public bar in the street, and even mock the father saying "My father ta thinking I'm straight, going to give me an Adidas" ... Me u God, he became q? What a rotten! I think it has no answer because the question that is not correct, the real question is, is this his real face? For a person q always criticized other guys in the city of promiscuous behavior to such a role? So then I got up from where he sat in the street and phoned Ramira because I knew they were in the house of the French, Tb and Lu was there ... Once there they found my alcoholic and talked a lot about different things, laugh a lot too, because I felt relieved when I remembered that Fernando had told me, so I asked for them if it was true and if they were aware, all confirmed to me the story, after all, they do not tell me anything, but I wonder if they also do not hide, the best, bad as they said Ramira for a moment, "Higor, you had to be there to see, you can not find out the mouths of others, you have to see who he really is and stop having this illusion that he is a good person! "I fully agree with it, I need to really see who he is, bad oq I'm upset, not by he was with others, but because he did not have respect for himself. Disappointment.

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