domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2009

Never forget how much I love you and never make fun of me or my love, because one day you'll regret it, then it is too late because we may not be here and you also probably never see the color of my eyes, and this is very soon to happen. NO! Absolutely not "have to be so" because you're still a child who seeks a safe harbor and my knee is and always will be your home, there is no other place for you to call home, only I know the truth, I know behind the iron mask that you created to shelter the world, a world that you are afraid, because next to me you do not need masks of any kind, to me your soul be at peace and protected, heated with my love that is strong and great to get us warm together the road of life, life is impossible without you by my side ... Forget everything you hear and help me forget, you can do this if you want, it will be good, grow together, and when we get there in front, look to the past and be proud of everything, and we will be victorious in our lives

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